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Now Available! Peer Assistant Applications due 6/1/2014

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Are you looking for a leadership opportunity?

Join the Peer Assistant Team and work with incoming students in the Fall!

Application Available Here.

What is the Peer Assistant Team?

A Peer Assistant is an undergraduate MSOE student who has already experienced the triumphs and trials of the first year of college. These students volunteer their time to be good sources for information, help, and friendship to the incoming class of freshmen.

The goal is for new students and Peer Assistants to develop an open and friendly communication line with each other. In addition, Peer Assistants serve as personal and academic role models for the new students.

For Experienced Peer Assistants:

Apply for the Senior Peer Assistant Position!

For students who have successfully served as a Peer Assistant for at least one (1) year, you are invited to apply for the Senior Peer Assistant position. This select group of students will work closely with student life to ensure the Peer Assistant program is successful.

You will 1) help with the training of the Peer Assistants, 2) help with planning programs and events specifically for first year students, and 3) manage a group of peer assistants to help them be successful.

General Overview of the Peer Assistant Position:

·         Peer Assistants must be in good academic standing (minimum of 2.0 GPA cumulative)

·         Peer Assistants will be required to work all of Welcome Week (anticipated Peer Assistant training will begin the late afternoon of Saturday, August 30th).

·         Peer Assistants will be assigned a group of approximately 10-12 first year students.

·         Beginning with Welcome Week, Peer Assistants will work to develop a close working peer relationship with their assigned freshmen that will continue through the academic year.

·         Peer Assistants will plan events throughout the year for their freshman groups, as well as attending large group events planned by the program coordinators.

·         Peer Assistants are volunteers who will commit to working with their assigned freshmen throughout the year.

·         By submitting your application and being accepted for a Peer Assistant position for 2014-2015, you are giving permission for the Student Life department to use your photo, your list of activities, and your advice to freshmen for the promotion of the Peer Assistant Program.