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Basic concerns

Hylisha Ambler

Yes I'm interested in this school but I'm looking to find a great place to stay also. Furthermore does this school provided hardship scholarships. 

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    Davinci Wallace

    HI Hylisha,


    There are a lot of great places to stay around MSOE.    There are apartments and houses close to the MSOE campus.   In regards to hardship scholarships, you should contact Amanda Wysk, one of our financial aid officers.  She can tell you if we provide hardship scholarships.

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    Mandy Runnalls

    Hey Hylisha!


    You should also check out a lot of our scholarships that we offer, you can find that at: http://www.msoe.edu/community/admissions/financial-aid/page/1500/scholarships-and-grants.  We do A LOT of scholarships up front that you might be eligible and that all helps to bring the cost down!  Our academic scholarship is a HUGE benefit that students will automatically receive if they are accepted.


    Otherwise, you will definitely want to fill out the FAFSA later in January and that will reflect your family financial situation!


    Hope this helps!

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    Elizabeth Donohew

    Hey Hylisha,


    If you are a traditional, incoming freshman, you will need to stay in the dorms for at least 2 years. There are some cases where you don't have to (Junior and above, specific health reasons, home is within 50 miles, etc.). You will want to contact the Director of Housing, William Breese with any questions.

    If you are a transfer who meets the requirements to get out of the dorms, you could first look into the MSOE Tower Apartments (contact Richard Gagliano). Juneau Tower Apartments, Yankee HIll, The North End, and The Moderne are all larger apartment complexes within walking distance of campus. You could also look into Katz Properties, who own a bunch of smaller apartment buildings within the city. Other than that, there are other individual apartments/houses that you could find. I would suggest searching Google, Trulia, and Craigslist.