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Donnie Bogle

Hey y'all,


I'm getting rid of a lot of books. I just want to get rid of them... So if you can't swing the price listed, let me know a (reasonable) price that you can swing and hopefully we can work something out.


I have the following books:


Technical Communications (EN 132) - $20

Metaphysics (Some elective number) - $75

Essentials of Economics 2nd ed (Some business class that I forgot the number to) - $15

The giant Calculus book, binder, and answer manual (Calc 1-4 I think?) - $60

Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments 4th Ed (EN 131) - $15


Text books are ridiculously expensive. They also are taking up way too much space in my tiny apartment. So, let's help each other out.


Peace and blessings,

Donnie Bogle-Boesiger