This week-long camp focuses on the rapidly-growing field of User Experience (UX). UX designers and UX researchers make products more enjoyable and make technology easier to use. They work on everything from websites and apps (think Snapchat) to voice assistants (think Amazon Alexa) and physical products, like game controllers and power drills. Your camp instructors are faculty who work directly in the field of UX design.  Join us for a week of engaging hands-on design projects you can take home, add to your high school portfolio, and share with your family and friends on social media.  


  1. Develop basic skills for designing human-centered products through a series of fun and fast-paced design thinking activities
  2. Learn how to create stunning visual designs
  3. Design a conceptual prototype of your own app or a chatbot
  4. Explore how digital innovations and Artificial Intelligence are used to understand and change human behavior
  5. Harness the power of storytelling to engage people in your designs

Learn more about User Experience

Are you tech-savvy and creative? When you look at a mobile application, do you see ways it can be improved to help users achieve their goals? Thanks to UX leaders such as Apple, Google, and Amazon, consumers expect their digital service experience to be clean, simple, and user-friendly regardless of the device or platform.