Mechanical Engineering spans a wide range of applied physics from thermodynamics to materials science to manufacturing technology to mechanisms and control systems. The career path of a mechanical engineer may lead to work in transportation, medical, manufacturing, energy or many other challenging industries.

Students who attend MSOE’s Focus on Mechanical Engineering summer program have the opportunity to experience a variety of activities in this diverse field of study. Hands on experience and laboratory demonstrations provide an introduction to the physical principles that are fundamental to Mechanical Engineering.

In this week long program, you will work with MSOE faculty on projects that may include:

  • Designing parts and mechanical assemblies using Computer-Aided Design software
  • Mechatronics: the electronic control of mechanical systems
  • Material Properties: testing strength and impact behavior of metals
  • Design of mechanisms: controlling motion and force through mechanical assemblies
  • Fluid Power: doing mechanical work through fluid based systems
  • Aerodynamics: evaluating lift and drag in a wind tunnel
  • Rapid prototyping of mechanical components
  • Vibration and materials as applied to the design of musical instruments
  • Thermal systems: solar energy collection and storage

Learn more about Mechanical Engineering

MSOE offers a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, with options to specialize in mechanical design, energy systems, materials/manufacturing and control systems. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines. As a result, MEs work in a large number of industries, including aerospace, power generation, renewable energy, automation, manufacturing, transportation, building energy supply and medical devices — just to name a few.