One of MSOE’s greatest assets is our industry connections and 95% graduate outcomes rates. Software engineering senior Connor Christie can surely attest.  

Christie was highly aware of MSOE and interested in experiencing these benefits as a Milwaukee native and graduate of Pius XI High School. 

“I have always wanted to go to MSOE since I was young. I have heard so may great stories of [graduates] coming out of MSOE and the amount of real-world experience they [got] from here,” says Christie.

MSOE’s faculty have greatly helped him succeed in his field. Christie mentioned that the faculty hold students to high, yet attainable, expectations, are excited to help students succeed, and are well connected in the industry. It is because of this, Christie says, he’s been given many job opportunities that he may not have had at another institution.  

He is grateful for the time spent in MSOE’s software development lab working on group projects sponsored by outside companies. This allows students to have a hands-on opportunity in real-world situations. And sometimes, Christie says, you make mistakes but it’s all part of the learning process and your professors are there to support you and help you grow the entire time.  

Christie has also been working with two of MSOE’s major corporate partners since his freshman year—Direct Supply and Johnson Controls. Most recently he was a software engineering intern with Johnson Controls, working on large scale web applications for large commercial buildings.  

And if it sounds like Christie loves his major, you would be right! Even outside the classroom, he enjoys diving deeper into the world of software engineering.   

“I really love researching new and advanced technology in my free time. I know this is probably the last thing people want to do when they get home from school, but I love advancing my skillset to where I can show up to class and impress my professors with the quality of work in my completion of labs and homework. This has really helped me and empowered me to taking higher difficulty classes which I never could’ve seen myself taking.”   Christie also enjoys being a part of the Society of Software Engineers and participating in hackathons.

Hackathons give Christie the competitive opportunity to find solutions to problems like cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and infrastructures, and allow him to apply what he has learned in class to other concepts outside textbooks.  

“I love participating in hackathons and seeing how I can apply my learned techniques to different types of problems in different contexts. It also opens my perspective to real-world problems.”  

Christie is excited for his next steps following graduation. He is hoping to continue his education at graduate school and eventually attain a PhD. For now, he says, he loves his current internship at Johnson Controls and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!