Dr. Chunping Xie, associate professor in the Mathematics Department, received the Oscar Werwath Distinguished Teacher Award. The award was established by the university in 1967 to recognize excellence in teaching. All nominees for this award must have a minimum of seven years of full-time service to MSOE. Students choose the award winner through two rounds of voting. On their ballots, students described Xie as one of the most approachable professors in the Mathematics Department who is excellent at explaining both general and abstract concepts; he is kind, incredibly well-prepared, very passionate about teaching, friendly and understanding.

Dr. Chunping Xie and Seandra Mitchell.

Seandra Mitchell, dean of admissions in the Enrollment Management Department, received the Johanna Seelhorst Werwath Distinguished Staff Award. This award is given annually to the employee who is considered to possess those attributes of excellence of character, outstanding ability, a high order of integrity, loyalty and dedication to duty and a sincere willingness to cooperate with others in maintaining the highest standards of staff performance and service to students, Regents, faculty, other staff members, and the public. All nominees must have seven or more years of full-time service as a staff member. Officers of the university are not eligible for this award nor are previous award winners. The award recipient is voted on by MSOE faculty and staff, who described Mitchell as someone who goes beyond the call of duty; is very visible, approachable and helpful; works very hard and clearly has a passion for the well-being of MSOE; and a pleasure to work with.