The saying goes, when you’re here, you’re family. This is true for biomolecular engineering senior Justyna Rapacz.  

Rapacz applied to 13 schools before knowing she wanted to attended MSOE. She made the big decision to cross the cheddar curtain from Bartlett, Illinois to attend an Accepted Student Day. Her uncertainty about making the out-of-state transition immediately disappeared when she fell in love with the campus and the personalized attention from the professors and mentors in the biomolecular engineering program.  

“The biomolecular [engineering] program was a big factor in my decision. It was so unique in comparison to other universities,” said Rapacz. “I knew it was something I wanted to pursue as a career and MSOE has an excellent reputation, so I felt confident that I would be prepared for the real world and that’s what drew me in.”  

Rapacz also boasts about the bond she has created within the program, “Our program feels just like a family; it’s a very tight-knit community.” MSOE’s small classes allow each faculty member to really get to know their students and provide guidance on an individual level—much like an actual family. “The professors truly care about your success,” said Rapacz. “They go above and beyond to make you a better version of yourself.”  

The close relationships that she has been able to build also extend beyond the classroom. MSOE stresses the importance of experiencing life outside the classroom because it is just as much a part of the college experience as textbooks and labs. Rapacz and her biomolecular buddies have found a way to do that by organizing program specific social events like rollerblading, exploring Milwaukee and grabbing tacos from BelAir Cantina—Rapacz’s favorite thing to do.  

We’re told that when you surround yourself with the right people, you are bound to be successful and Rapacz has found that at MSOE. It’s even better when the people you choose to be with during a Netflix marathon are also the ones sitting next to you in class.  

Rapacz is soaking in every Milwaukee moment and eating every BelAir taco she can before she graduates. Even though she is about to leave her MSOE home and family, she is grateful for the relationships she’s made with her classmates and her faculty mentors. Rapacz is excited to see what comes next and motivated to improve the quality of life for others through biomolecular engineering.  

Rapacz said it’s “because of the dynamic, supportive environment fostered here at MSOE, I feel confident in my abilities to succeed and make a difference in the world.”