Happy Monday, and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! January is halfway over and winter quarter finals will be here before you know it. Before things get too hectic, make some time to check out these scholarships so worrying about your finances is a thing of the past once spring comes.

Added Today(6)

Engineering & User Experience Students: $5,000 Wayne V. Black Scholarship
High School & College Engineers: $3,000 AIST Midwest Chapter Scholarships
Sophomore & Junior Engineering Students: $9,500 NOAA Hollings Scholarship & Internship with stipend 
MSOE EE Students: $3,000 American Transmission Scholarship 
High School Seniors from WI: $2,500 Better Business Bureau Scholarship 
College Sophomore Engineering Students in fall 2018:  $4,000 Elijah Balloon High-Altitude Research Fellowship

MSOE Only(1)

MSOE EE Students: $3,000 American Transmission Scholarship 

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