Congratulations on making it through the Fall Term! I hope everyone is enjoying their well-deserved Thanksgiving Break. While you should definitely take some time to relax, this is also the perfect time to apply to some scholarships!

The ones I added today are scholarships that take more time an involvement but have big payouts. Check them out, and get working on the applications today; the deadlines will be here before you know it!


Added Today
Female CE & SE Students: $10,000 Google Women Techmakers Scholarship – DUE December 11th, 2017

Minority CE & SE Students: Generation Google Scholarship – DUE December 11th, 2017

College Students: Department of Energy Scholars Program – DUE December 15th, 2017

College Sophomores & Juniors: $7,500 Goldwater Scholarship – DUE January 15th, 2018

Undergrad & Grad Students: $8,000 – $24,000 Boren Awards – DUE January 30th, 2018

College Sophomores & Juniors: $7,000 Udall Foundation Scholarship – DUE February 15th, 2018



MSOE-Only Scholarships
MSOE Female CE, EE, IE, ME, & SE Students: $2,500 Sharon P. Haverstock Women’s Scholarship – DUE November 27th, 2017
MSOE Students: $10,000 Peter I. Georgeson Scholarship – DUE November 27th, 2017
MSOE ME Students: $4,000 WAICU ATI-Ladish Scholarship + Internship – DUE December 8th, 2017


Due This Week

College Freshman through Juniors: $1,500 Association for Facilities Engineering Milwaukee Chapter 12 Scholarship – DUE November 24th, 2017


Best of luck to those who apply!