As the former president of the Student Government Association, Morgan Imhoff ensured student voices were heard across campus. “My role was to be the advocate of the student body, serve as the liaison between students and faculty, and work to maintain MSOE’s inclusive campus,” said Imhoff.

Imhoff served as president from May 2022 to April 2023. In this time, she was the student representative for the Executive Education Council, Alumni Association Board, Campus Safety Committee, Computer User Committee, Facilities and Buildings Improvement Committee, and Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She also had weekly meetings with the dean of students to discuss public safety, food on campus, academics and more.

“Some of the items we accomplished were adding body positive media to the vending machines and dining areas on campus, adding a microwave to Rosenberg Hall, adding more whiteboards to the Campus Center and starting the conversation on streamlining professors’ use of Canvas.”

In addition, Imhoff is the new president of Kappa Sigma Mu Multicultural Sorority. The group has hosted multicultural celebrations including Holi Celebration, Día de los Muertos Celebration, a World Hijab Day event and a Denim Day event for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The sorority also created tie blankets for Jewish Family Services and participated in the Feminine Hygiene Drive on campus. Imhoff enjoys sharing her passions and dedications with the group of girls.

“My experience in the sorority has been wonderful. Being at a predominately male school can have its challenges, but having a group of girls who I can rely on and who share my love and dedication for spreading cultural awareness has been pivotal in my success at MSOE.”

The actuarial science major honed her skillsets at internships with U.S. Bank as well as Johnson Controls. This summer she will be participating in an investment data, analytics and research internship at Northwestern Mutual. “I have dreamed of working at Northwestern Mutual for quite some time, so I am very excited to start this role.”

These internships are preparing Imhoff for her future dream job, which is to work in data analytics and consulting. “I think managing to tell a story through data and helping executives make the right decision based on the work that you created would be amazing.”  

Being awarded the Wisconsin Grant helped support Imhoff’s journey at MSOE. “It feels amazing to be awarded the Wisconsin Grant. I am a first-generation college student in my family, so it is even more special to be able to go to such a prestigious university. In receiving the Wisconsin Grant and other scholarships, I have been able to pay my way through college without having to worry about financials as much. This has allowed me to focus on school and has given me time to do good things in my community.”

When she’s not at school or work, Imhoff enjoys going to concerts with her friends, thrifting, taking film photography pictures, listening to music and cooking. She is incredibly grateful for all the experiences she’s gained at MSOE.

“I know many students do not have the privilege or ability to participate as much, whether it is because of work, going home and helping family, or other obstacles. Despite my own personal struggles, it is always important to recognize your privilege and be grateful for being allowed to make a difference no matter how big or small. And after I graduate from MSOE, I will continue to live by this.”