Founded in 2008, the MSOE Ducks Unlimited (DU) chapter has quite the track record. When Andrew Limmer and John Marschke ’10 founded the organization, they had the hopes of making the list of Sweet 16 collegiate chapters. Each spring, around March Madness, the top 16 collegiate chapters are announced in Ducks Unlimited magazine. These chapters are considered to be the best of the best when it comes to fundraising and overall chapter strength. Limmer and Marschke reached their goal of being a Sweet 16 chapter in 2009 when the chapter held its first Sportsman’s Night Out.

DU is about more than just raising money for waterfowl habitat preservation. The money also positively impacts more than 900 species of wildlife and of course, humans. MSOE members have participated in chapters in their hometowns, duck banding, national collegiate chapter events, national and state conventions, and many more activities and events. Three committee members also attended the 2015 Ducks Unlimited National Convention which was held in Milwaukee.

Since 2009, the MSOE Ducks Unlimited chapter has been a nationally ranked Sweet 16 chapter and the top collegiate chapter in Wisconsin. In 2010, 2011, and 2012 the chapter was a part of the final four which is equivalent to the NCAA Final Four. MSOE has outranked and continually competed with large schools from conferences like the Big 12, SEC and Big 10.

The chapter’s annual Sportsman’s Night Out is their major fundraiser, and one way they have been able to reach the Sweet 16 each year. The next Sportsman’s Night Out is Saturday, March 19 in the Kern Center. The event is open to the public and features dinner, raffles, March Madness games, and a fun time for all. Tickets and more information can be found here.

The chapter wouldn’t have its continuous success without the dedication of its officers, members, and DU Regional Director for eastern Wisconsin, Tom Munich. Munich has been involved with the chapter since it was founded. “One of my favorite parts of being involved with the MSOE chapter, is the energy and points of view the college students bring to the table. I have had the opportunity to work with hunters and non-hunters who have a great enthusiasm for the cause.”

The families, friends, MSOE alumni and community members that support the MSOE Ducks Unlimited Chapter also contribute to its success. Alumnus and former chapter president Derek Underdahl ’13 has remained active with the chapter, helping current students stay connected with alumni and lending a helping hand when needed.

Being a member doesn’t require you to be a hunter. Senior Rob Pohlman has never been a hunter and is now the treasure for the MSOE chapter. “I joined Ducks Unlimited because I loved nature and to be outdoors. Being a part of DU allows me to help preserve and maintain the wildlife I love so much, which is beneficial for hunters and lovers of nature alike.”

Many current members have been involved since their freshmen year. The chapter welcomes all grades, majors, and students who have a passion for wildlife or the environment. Junior Evan Connor, current chapter president, has been a dedicated member since his freshman year at MSOE. “My favorite thing about being involved in MSOE Ducks Unlimited is the people. While telling me about Ducks Unlimited, a national staff member told me ‘You come for the cause, and stay for the people.’ I also find it amazing to attend national events and have people recognize Milwaukee School of Engineering due to our chapter’s success in Ducks Unlimited.”