Rachel Hunter is all about trying something new. In high school, she didn’t play on any sports teams but when she arrived at MSOE she decided to change that. “I was one of the four founding members of the MSOE Women’s Rowing Team my freshman year,” she said. “I completely loved it!” In the 2019-20 school year, the team transitioned from being a club sport to a varsity sport.  

Besides rowing, Hunter spends her free time as a member of the Society of Women Engineers and as vice president of the FIRST Robotics Alumni Group at MSOE, exploring Milwaukee, and volunteering with the MSOE STEM Office to help with K-12 programming.  

She is also one of the original CREATE Student Fellows. “I decided to apply for a CREATE fellowship because I am excited about the MSOE Mindset and the potential it has to expand learning opportunities at MSOE,” she said. “I am hoping to assist professors in implementing even more hands-on learning opportunities.”

There’s no doubt her experience with FIRST Robotics, internships at Precision Plus Manufacturing and HUSCO, and close relationships with professors will spark a lot of ideas for new experiential learning opportunities.

“My favorite thing about MSOE is the small class sizes,” Hunter said. “That and the high placement rate are two reasons I chose to attend MSOE.”