MSOE students took their studies across the pond to London to learn more about the British health care system, the National Health Service (NHS), and take in the culture in May 2022.

The trip was offered through the Global and International Health Care course (NU 299) which examines worldwide health, history, health care delivery systems and practices. During the trip, the students learned about British health care and history through museum visits and discussions with local professionals. They had the opportunity to interview an NHS nurse and ask questions about the national health care system, toured the Florence Nightingale Museum, and visited the London National Gallery Museum where they learned the history of pathology and medicine through the Royal Academy of Physicians.

The group also received a lesson in epidemiology while eating lunch at the John Snow Pub. The pub is named after Dr. John Snow, the London doctor who discovered cholera was a water-borne disease, and was located in the exact spot of the water pump that started the cholera epidemic in 1854.

Dr. Victoria Carlson-Oehlers, School of Nursing; Dr. David Howell, Humanities, Social Science and Communication Department; Ellen Toth, School of Nursing; and Anna Polenti, community member, served as chaperones and guides for the trip. The group of students included Angelica Bustos, nursing; Madison Cadman, nursing; Clyde Chanthalansy, biomedical engineering; Evelyn Kurtz, electrical engineering; Alexandra Lemieux, nursing; Michelle Marmolejo, nursing; Rachel Ostrowski, nursing; and Nicole Sedmak, electrical engineering.