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A week-long, residential camp with an introduction to the following areas:

Architectural Engineering and Construction Management

Architectural engineers design the structural, mechanical and electrical systems that we depend onto make our buildings safe and healthy. Construction managers use their skills in estimating, scheduling and site management to safely and economically construct these buildings.

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Civil Engineering:

Civil engineers are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the infrastructure necessary to support civilized society. The American Society of Civil Engineers currently estimates that existing infrastructure investment needs in the US total $2.2 trillion. That has led the US Bureau of Labor to project that civil engineering employment will grow at a rate much faster than the national average over the next decade.

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Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical engineering spans a wide range of applied physics including: 1) thermal sciences and energy, 2) materials science, 3) design of machines & mechanisms and the means to control them. The career path of a mechanical engineer may lead to work in transportation, medical, manufacturing, energy or many other challenging industries.

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Industrial Engineering:

Industrial Engineers blend technical and managerial knowledge to determine the most effective ways for companies to use resources and improve business performance.  IEs manage projects, analyze data, and make changes to processes to reduce cost, increase speed, decrease errors, and much more!   IEs work in many types of organizations including manufacturing, health care, logistics, consulting, retail, and entertainment.

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