The Discover Computing Systems camp will allow for students to spend a week examining Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Business Information Technology. Each day students work on hands on activities for a different academic program with expert faculty. If you are interested in coding, computers and electronics, but want to know what differentiates the academic programs in those fields this Discover camp will help you do exactly that.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineers build computers and also put computers inside other products. They are experts in computer hardware and computer software.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers build a wide variety of systems that move electricity and convert it to other energy forms to do work. The classic energy conversions are heat, light, sound, motion, and computing.

Software Engineering

Software engineers are specialists in the design of large software products that you are used to running on your computers. Examples include internet browsers, social media platforms like youTube or Facebook, and the story engines used in video games. All of these provide a rich experience for the user and require engineers that understand how to blueprint, design, and test complex software.

Computer Science

MSOE computer science students will develop skills to solve problems using algorithms, applied mathematics, and artificial intelligence in a hands-on environment working on real problems with faculty who have relevant industry experience.

Business Information Technology (BIT)

BIT is a critical aspect of today’s dynamic business environment. In managing a company’s information systems, BIT professionals provide mechanisms to improve productivity and quality of work life while advancing technically-oriented products, services, and communication. They are highly-skilled computer users and savvy business leaders.