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A week-long, residential camp with an introduction to the following areas:

Biomedical Engineering: 

Biomedical engineers apply knowledge of how the body works to design devices, ranging from imaging systems to prosthetics, to improve healthcare.

Activities include:

  • Discussing the various career choices in biomedical engineering
  • Understanding the basis of electrical signals in our body and the principles of electrocardiography (ECG)
  • Designing and building an amplifier circuit for biological signals
  • Performing a laboratory to acquire and process ECG signals

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BioMolecular Engineering: 

BioMolecular engineering is the merger of life sciences and chemical engineering. A biomolecular engineer thinks and designs at the molecular level using biomolecules like DNA, RNA, protiens, enzymes, and lipids.

Activities include:

  • Model construction of DNA
  • Introduction to micro and nano scale
  • Isolation of your own DNA
  • Introduction to polymerase chain reaction

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Nursing Experience: 

The Nursing Experience summer program will allow you to learn how the work you do as engineer is directly related to nursing:

During your Summer program experience you will learn about:

  • Introduction to various nursing specialties and levels of nursing (CNA to Ph.D.)
  • Explore and experience simulation in nursing
  • Hands-on activities in MSOE’s state-of-the-art laboratory
  • History of nursing and health promotion
  • Discover nursing technology in the 20th century

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