Registration opens September 1st for the 2018-2019 academic year. Join our mailing list for program updates and to be notified when registration opens.

Girls Who Code is open to any middle or high school student who is interested in learning how to code or improving their existing coding skills. No prior coding experience is required to join in on the fun.

Courses meet once per week during the MSOE calendar year, and a full course schedule will be available when registration opens. 

Level 1 Course

Students learn the concepts of loops, variables, conditionals, and functions that form the basis for all programming languages — whether they want to build a website, an app, or a robot.  Club members will get to practice their skills in Scratch, and then apply these skills throughout the year to projects of their choice along with a robotics unit.

Level 2 Course

Prerequisite: Completion or MSOE Level 1 Course OR comparable experience

Students build on their skills from the level 1 course and get introduced to scripted languages such as Python, Java, and/or C++. These languages are applied to projects such as app development, websites, or games for the first half of the year. Club members then get the opportunity to apply their coding skills to physical objects such as robots and drones.

This program is sponsored by Rockwell Collins.