Conditionally admitted students must successfully complete this program in the summer before enrolling as fully admitted students in the fall term. The Carter Academy has two main components:

Summer ALEKS Program (6 weeks completed at home)

This six-week online tutorial math program requires about nine hours of work a week. The program can be accessed through any computer with internet access, and we’ll provide a laptop if you have no other computer access. You’ll have weekly contact with an MSOE math professor and a program staff person to monitor your progress toward mastering algebra, geometry and pre-calculus.

Summer Bridge (4 weeks on campus residential program)

After you successfully complete the Summer ALEKS program, you’ll participate in Summer Bridge, a program designed to provide incoming students with a taste of college life and experience in the classroom with actual MSOE faculty. You’ll move to campus and live in MSOE residence halls with fellow Summer Bridge participants and two counselors for four weeks. You’ll attend classes in math, writing, chemistry and physics, with organized study time during the evenings. You’ll spend Saturdays working on projects and have Sundays free. On the last day of the program, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and meet individually with a few summer faculty and staff members. Summer Bridge participants are still expected to attend Welcome Week.

Why Should I Participate?

  • The Summer ALEKS and Summer Bridge programs are a special resource for first-year students only.
  • It’s free to participate.
  • You’ll refresh your math, science and writing skills and become familiar with campus and the surrounding area so you can kick off the school year on a strong note.
  • Your Summer Bridge classes will be limited to 15 students, allowing you to get more interaction with professors and classmates and build your confidence.
  • You’ll make new friends in class and in your residence hall, forming friendships that could last through your entire college experience.  
  • There are no fees (tuition or residential) associated with either program.   

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