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Published on: June 12, 2017

Well, it’s the start of a new quarter and maybe you’ve decided that you want to try some new ideas for studying. In addition to coming to RCAS in CC-02 for tutoring, some suggestions from tutors who use different tools are the following ideas:

Quizlet is a great flash card tool, It can be found both as a website and as an app. It lets you test yourself and make electronic note cards and study them on your computer, phone, or iPod.

Dragon Dictation is a free app that does speech to text…very helpful for ideas and getting words down., is a top resource for finding study tips. This has a lot of bulletin board ideas focused on study strategies.

Pinterest,, can be used to search for information using key words. If you get an account, you are able to “pin” information and tips that you like to a “board” so you can save information for later use. It’s kind of like bookmarking a page on your computer so you can use the information later, but with Pinterest it is more organized.

Maybe you have discovered some other good tools and strategies. Feel free to respond and share through this blog. Hope you are off to a great start this quarter!


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