Saturday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

MSOE Campus Center, 1025 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Concinnity is MSOE's Science Fiction, Anime and Gaming Event. This is our 18th year and it is Milwaukee's longest running Sci Fi or Gaming Event. 

The convention is primarily sponsored by MAGE, Theater Troop, SUB, PDC, Photo Club, and Fencing Club.  The event is also being co-sponsored by Kappa Kon and the Milwaukee Steampunk Society. 

The con will have advance ticket price cost of $15 per person, $10 with student ID, and FREE for MSOE students. Follow the event on Facebook ( for all the latest news, updates and registration information.

If you enjoy science fiction, anime, Dr. Who, gaming, etc..... consider stopping in at Concinnity 18! Below is a list of what we offer at the convention:

  • dealers with a diverse array of goods
  • engaging guest speakers
  • lively and informative discussion panels
  • costume contest with prizes
  • a challenging and beguiling living dungeon
  • movie, sci-fi, and anime viewings
  • paint and take miniatures
  • games of all kinds: video, board, role playing, and many others
  • Maid Cafe
  • Art Lounge
  • FREE photobooth