Saturday All Day

This event will run until December 30th

Grohmann Museum

David Plowden has spent his career capturing scenes of industry and amassing an unparalleled catalogue of images of work. Over the last 10 years, the Grohmann Museum has hosted exhibitions of his railroad, bridge architecture and steel photographs. His work is the subject of over two dozen books of industrial photography, from majestic lake boats to small town feed mills. However, no single book or exhibition has focused exclusively on his portraits of workers, until now.  

In close collaboration with the artist, the finest examples of these portraits have been selected for this special display of work. This exhibition features dozens of portraits of workers at their vocation. Included are subjects from a number of occupations, including farmers, mechanics, engineers, salespeople, shopkeepers and ship captains, to name a few. Visually appealing and psychologically engaging, patrons are sure to reflect on their own pursuits and those of their friends, family and neighbors while viewing David Plowden’s Portraits of Work.