Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Todd Wehr Auditorium, 1047 N. Broadway, Milwaukee

Earn your STEM badges at MSOE!

This event is open to all Girl Scouts. With sessions led by industry professionals along with MSOE students & faculty, girls will get the opportunity to earn badges while getting the collegiate experience.

The following programs will be offered, with all badge requirements completed during the session:
  • Designing Robots (Brownies - Designing Robots Badge)
  • Think Outside the Brownie Box (Brownies - Inventor Badge)
  • Entertainment Technology (Juniors - Entertainment Technology Badge)
  • Designing Robots (Juniors - Designing Robots Badge)
  • Special Agent (Cadettes - Special Agent Badge)
  • From the Ground Up (Cadettes - Entrepreneur Badge)

Visit this page for registration information.