Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Diercks Hall, 1025 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, WI 53202

Session recordings are now available. Click the links below to watch.

Social Responsibility and Health—The Role of the Individual brings together a distinguished group of professionals representing medicine, philosophy and world religions to explore topics such as:

  • What ethical and religious principles apply to situations in which the liberty and self-interest of some individuals must be balanced against the welfare of others?
  • To what extent are medical professionals obliged to put themselves at risk while treating patients?
  • Is it ethical to develop drugs or medical devices that are, by their very nature, so resource intensive (expensive) that their use will be limited to only the most privileged members of society?
  • To what extent is investing resources into the development of interventions for extremely rare diseases ethical when these resources could otherwise be used to investigate other more common diseases?
  • What ethical considerations apply to the development of genetic and biomolecular processes and interventions that have the potential for great benefit, but also some risk of widespread harm?

This free event World Bioethics Day Logowas hosted by the Milwaukee Area Unit of the International Chair in Bioethics (ICB) and sponsored by MSOE's Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, Physics and Chemistry Department, School of Nursing, biomedical engineering program and biomolecular engineering program.