Wednesday 6:00 pm

Diercks Hall, NVIDIA Auditorium

Matt Mundt '14 made a splash with his Sleep Pod by Hug Sleep last year on ABC TV's televised Shark Tank program, and now he's back at MSOE to share his story.

Mundt was a life-long troubled sleeper who tried just about everything to get a good night's rest. He used his MSOE mechanical engineering degree and vast product design career experience to solve his sleep problems. His result was the Sleep Pod blanket that uses the same science behind weighted blankets, but without any of the downsides of heat, size and weight, to help get a better night's sleep. His Shark Tank appearance led to a $4 million in sales in the final months of 2020, growing Hug Sleep by ten times.

This event is free and open to MSOE students, faculty and staff.