MSOE policy requires all unmarried freshmen (0-39 quarter credits earned) and sophomores (40-87 quarter credits earned) under 21 years of age and whose primary family residence is more than 30 miles away to either live in the MSOE residence halls or with a parent or a guardian.

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Themed Living Communities

MSOE’s Themed Living Communities (TLC) allow you to incorporate your extra-curricular interests into your residential experience by living with like-minded students.
**Note: Space is limited, and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Personal Data Summary

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Residence Life Room & Meal Contract

I. This is a contract between Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and the student. In all cases where the student is less than eighteen (18) years of age, this contract is also between the parent or guardian and MSOE, and the reference to “the student” includes the parent or guardian, where appropriate.

II. MSOE agrees to provide housing and a meal plan for the period of this contract and in accordance with policies of MSOE and the Residence Life Department that are in effect or may be in effect during the contract period.

III. By accepting the terms of this contract, the student agrees to:
A. comply with all rules and regulations of MSOE and the Residence Life Department as they exist or as they may be modified during the period of this contract;
B. reside in the MSOE residence halls during the full period of this contract;
C. participate in one of the available meal plan options each academic term of the contract period; and
D. pay for housing and meal plans in accordance with the assessments of MSOE.

IV. I, “the student,” do in accepting the terms of this contract, does acknowledge the:
A. the General Conditions on the reverse hereof, and the Room Application submitted by the student are a part of this contract;
B. “term” as it relates to the duration of this contract includes the ENTIRE ACADEMIC YEAR;
C. the contract may not be broken without prior consent from the professional staff of Residence Life; and
D. a student must live in the residence halls during his or her freshman and sophomore years unless they are 21 years of age or his or her parents or guardians live within the Residence Life Department’s required commuting distance.

1. The MSOE professional staff of residence life reserves all rights involving the assignments of rooms. Requests for room changes will be considered after the second week of classes. Room assignments will be completed to the extent possible given space availability limitations.
2. The student, and the parent or guardian, where appropriate, agree to pay any revised rental made necessary by changed room assignments.
3. Changes in space assignments may be made only by the professional staff of residence life.
4. Due to space limitations, requests for single room accommodations cannot be guaranteed. Residence Life reserves the right to consolidate students.
5. Any student whose actions, in the judgment of the Residence Life Department, are found to be detrimental to the welfare of the general student living environment may be required to relocate to another space or vacate the residence halls. (See “Policies and Regulation” in the Residence Life Handbook.)
1. The student agrees to abide by the policies and regulations of MSOE and the Residence Life Department that are effective or shall become effective during such contract term. The terms and conditions of the policies and regulations are contained in, but not limited to, the MSOE Whole Student Life Handbook. Any student whose actions are found to be in violation of these policies will be subject to disciplinary action.
2. Authorized representatives of the university shall have the right to enter any space for the purpose of: routine maintenance and repairs; inspection for inventory control; fire, health and/or safety regulations; other emergencies; and evidence of reasonable information that a university regulation is being/has been violated.
3. The student shall be personally responsible for any damage to MSOE property resulting from the intentional or negligent act of the student or any guest of the student, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Loss of property or damage to common areas may be assessed to occupants of the floor or building or the residence hall complex following reasonable investigation by the professional staff of residence life to determine the responsible party(ies) involved. Such charges are non-appealable. The student shall pay on demand the amount of any cost, expense, or loss resulting from such damage.
4. The student accepts the responsibility for the care and cleaning of his/ her room and maintenance of health and safety standards therein.
5. Students who withdraw from MSOE must follow the established university policy. This includes written notification to the Residence Life Department.
1. Occupancy and financial obligation to the university is for the full term of the contract. Occupancy is expected by the first day of the term and consistently thereafter. Rooms unclaimed at the beginning of the term or, in the judgment of the university, not used continuously by the student assigned, may be forfeited or reassigned unless permission for late arrival or sustained absence has been given by the professional staff of residence life.
2. Upon taking occupancy in the residence hall, the student must follow the check-in procedures established within his or her hall. This includes registration with the Residence Life Department, and completion of the room condition report form acknowledging the current condition of the room.
3. Upon termination of the right to occupancy, whether by expiration of the Room and Meals Contract or otherwise, the student must follow the check-out procedures established by the Residence Life Department. This includes return of keys and review of the room condition report form with a residence life staff member to ascertain the condition of the room prior to departure. Failure to follow said procedures will result in assessment of appropriate charges.
1. Charges for damage will be assessed as deemed appropriate and reasonable by the professional staff of residence life.
2. The full room and meals fees are due and payable in the Student Accounts Office on or before initial occupancy of the residence hall room, unless installment payment arrangements have been made. If the installment option is selected, the room and meals fees must be paid in accordance with the prearranged payment schedule established by the Student Accounts Office.
1. This contract may be canceled if, on or after the first day of the term as specified in the official university calendar, the student withdraws from or is terminated by the university. Fees paid in advance will be refunded only to the extent authorized in current MSOE Refund Policies, which will be supplied on request. A cancellation fee will be charged to the student’s account if Room and Meals contract is cancelled after July 1.
2. This contract may be canceled if a disaster, fire, act of God or other events beyond the control of the university, shall prevent performance by the university. In such event, refunds will be made on the basis of prorating the balance of the room and meals payment made by the student.
1. The university has no obligation to provide parking or storage for any automobile belonging to or used by the student. Additional information regarding parking may be obtained from the MSOE Public Safety Department.
2. The university reserves the right to change the rates charged hereunder for room and/or meals during the term of this agreement. In such event, parties will be provided with written notice thirty (30) days prior to such change.
3. MSOE assumes no responsibility for theft, loss or damage to a student’s personal property, nor is MSOE responsible for property left after termination of residency. Students are urged to consider purchase of insurance to cover loss or damage to personal property.
4. Alterations of this contract by student or parent with intent to change its terms, conditions, or purpose will void the contract.
5. If space availability permits, changes from double to single occupancy may be made by requesting such a change from the professional staff of residence life. If change in occupancy occurs, the student must assume the incumbent financial responsibility for the stated fee(s). Requests for a change in occupancy status will be handled on an individual basis.
6. MSOE assumes no responsibility for interruptions or changes in any ancillary service which is provided at no additional charge, such as CATV.

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