What is the MSOE ID Card and what is its purpose?

Your MSOE ID card is the official campus identification card of the university and is required for all enrolled students.  The ID card serves multiple purposes:

  • Campus identification
  • Campus building access
  • Residence hall access for resident students
  • Library usage and access
  • Raider Plan Dining – on and off campus
  • Kern Center Memberships
  • Athletic event access
  • Printing services
  • Book Slips in the Bookstore

ID cards are issued to all university students, staff, and faculty with the primary intended purpose to provide identification, access to various facilities and functions while providing a secure campus community.  For the majority of cardholders, the access you’ll need is automatically assigned to your Campus ID Card.

The MSOE ID card will remain active until a student withdraws or graduates.

Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately.  A replacement card will be reissued and costs $10.

What is the Raider Plan?  How can you add money to the plan?  Where can the plan be used off campus?

The Raider Plan is a cashless system on the MSOE ID Card which can be used to make purchases on and off campus.Funds can be added to the plan throughout the year at the Student Accounts Office or on the web at GetFunds . You can only make deposits to your Raider Plan, cash withdrawals are not permitted. Balances remaining at the end of any quarter will carry over for use the next quarter and will continue to be held until graduation or official withdrawal from the university. (Balances less than $5.00 will not be refunded.)

The Raider Plan can be used at the following off campus locations:

Buffalo Wild Wings [Map] 1123 N. Water St, Milwaukee (414) 277-0293

Chipotle  [Map]
600 E. Ogden Ave., Milwaukee (414) 223-4710

Ian’s Pizza [Map]
146 E. Juneau Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202, (414) 727-9200

Karma Bar & Grill [Map]
600 E. Ogden Ave., Milwaukee (414) 220-4118

Where can the Meal Plans be used on campus?  How do Meal Plans work at Roscoe’s or Skylight Marketplace?  Can Commuters purchase a meal plan?

Meal plans can be used at RWJ Cafeteria, Roscoe’s, Skylight Marketplace, and Concessions.There are three flexible plans that allow students to eat any number or combination of meals each week, up to the plans maximum meals per quarter.  Students can change their plans twice during the year – at the end of the Fall quarter and at the end of the Winter quarter.

  • Minimum Plan consists of 80 meals and $90 meal dollars
  • Standard Plan consists of 105 meals and $110 meal dollars
  • Extended Plan consists of 140 meals and $135 meal dollars

Each plan has meal dollars which can be used at Roscoe’s or in the Skylight Marketplace.  Block meals and meal dollars are interchangeable.  If you find that you are in need of more block meals, the meal dollars will convert to block meals as you need them.  Also, the block meals will convert to meal dollars if you run out of meal dollars but still want to use your meal plan in Roscoe’s or Skylight Marketplace.

Extra meals can also be purchased if you find yourself running low on meals.  Extra meals are purchased at $3 per meal and can be purchased at Housing or the Student Account Office.

Commuter meals may be purchased for the RWJ Cafeteria.  Meals can be purchased in blocks of 10 meals and will be added to your MSOE ID Card.  Meals can be purchased in the Student Accounts Office.

What is the Student Advantage Discount program?  How can it be used?

You can add a four-year Student Advantage Discount plan onto your MSOE ID Card for $45 or purchase for one-year for $20.The Student Advantage membership provides students with exclusive discounts of up to 50% off at more than 20,000 locations nationwide.  By adding Student Advantage to your MSOE ID Card, you can save with local businesses in the Milwaukee area.  View a complete list of featured discounts and national brands. If a membership is purchased a new ID card will need to be printed with the Student Advantage membership information.

Who should I contact if I still have questions?

Campus Card Administrator: Sheila Barber, CC-308
(414) 277-7460
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.