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Graduation Fees will be applied to your Student Account during the quarter in which you will be graduating. These fees must be paid before you will be issued your diploma. For payment information, please contact the Student Accounts Office at (414) 277-7130.

Graduation Fees:

  • Undergraduate $50
  • Graduate $75

Complete the Hometown Newspaper form to publish your graduation announcement.

* = required field

Participation in a Commencement ceremony is required for ALL bachelor's and master's degree candidates. Failure to participate in a Commencement ceremony will result in your diploma being held. In accordance with present institutional policy, students are not permitted to participate in Commencement exercises at the end of a given quarter unless they are completing all course requirements for their degree during that same quarter. The only exception to this graduation policy is for students who intend to complete no more than two courses during the summer months; these students may participate in the Spring Commencement ceremony. Please note that measurements are only requested to properly fit you for your cap and gown.

Note: The minor is notated on the transcript but not the diploma.

Once your records are reviewed, an email will be sent to you listing your remaining graduation requirements. Please provide us with the following information:

Diplomas arrive eight to ten weeks after the Commencement ceremony. Diplomas are sent as certified mail; someone MUST sign for it.

Courses yet to be Completed

Please indicate all courses that are currently in progress and all classes that you intend to complete before you graduate. If courses are being taken at another college or university, please indicate where and when. Please be accurate. The courses you list will be used to determine whether you are eligible to participate in the Commencement ceremony. If you plan to take an elective but are not sure which specific class, list as "HU Elective," "Technical Elective," etc.

The Student Life Office will hold a meeting in approximately the sixth week of the quarter regarding the graduation ceremony, cap and gown, invitations, etc.

Please note the graduation deadlines, which are on the Registrar's Office Web site. If you apply before the deadline, we will make every effort to review your graduation requirements prior to the close of the registration of the term in which you will graduate. If you have had any courses waived or substituted by your adviser or program director, please have him/her forward the appropriate documentation to the Registrar's Office for your official file.

Student Signature

I confirm that the information submitted in this graduation application is accurate and complete. I acknowledge that participation in MSOE's Commencement ceremony is required for all bachelor's and master's degree candidates, and failure to participate will result in my diploma being withheld.