• Courses

    Anyone know where I can find a list of all the courses we have at MSOE by number and name?
    Matthew Nelson
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  • Cooperative Learning at MSOE

    Hello everyone,   I just submitted my application about two weeks ago, and I'm eager to hear back about the decision soon!   One question I had was about the co-op program (if any) at MSOE. Co-ops are some...
    Ryan Koeppen
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  • Changing my major

    Hey everyone , I wanted to ask if I started in a major and then I decided to change my major, is that possible? and what are the requirements..?
    Hadeel Wafa
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  • Do You have an interest in Robotics

    HI, I am Mikhail Nikitin. I have been doing robotics for 4 years. I do robots and research works. I would like involve other people to continue invent new project. So, if you have some ideas to create a global rese...
    Mikhail Nikitin
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  • How do I get scholarship news to appear in my email

    How do I get scholarship news to appear in my email?
    Frank Tokarz
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