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Primarily devoted to business and management topics, the collection features hard-to-find productions from leading business and management theorists, such as Gary Hamel, Michael Porter, and Peter Drucker, in addition to important current topics, such as knowledge management, e-commerce, corporate change, and more. Business leaders, such as Jack Welch and Michael Dell, are also featured. Many of the videos in this collection formerly were the core of the Metro Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) “Business Performance Resource Center,” and as such, were checked out and used by organizations (primarily businesses and universities) who were registered members of the MMAC Resource Center. Approximately 30 audio tapes and other CD-ROM products are also included in this collection.

As a result of a generous donation by the MMAC, this unique and valuable collection of videos and other multimedia resources is now housed at the Walter Schroeder Library on the campus of the Milwaukee School of Engineering. MSOE continues to add to the collection.

Conveniently located in downtown Milwaukee, the MSOE Library will makes the collection available to businesses and other educational institutions. Click here for details on registering with MSOE (including online registration) in order to access videos from the MSOE MMAC Business and Management Video Collection.

Students, faculty, and staff of MSOE, and registered customers of the video collection may wish to learn more about a business or management topic discussed in a video, audio tape, or CD-ROM product. All customers of this collection are invited to contact the Corporate Partner Network (CPN). The CPN is the MSOE’s center for business solutions. They provide organizations with the expertise that leads to exceptional performance, more competitive outcomes and outstanding customer relations.

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