With exam week just around the corner, it can be easy to get stressed, frustrated or lose motivation, especially in winter. Check out these five ideas to keep you on track and relaxed as you heads into 10th week.


1. Do something fun

     Be sure to give yourself a couple of breaks for fun activities that can reduce your stress and anxiety. The key is to plan      ahead and schedule activities, so you don't give in to distractions and procrastination. Be sure to stick to your plan, it      can be tempting to turn watching one episode of your favorite show, into a nightlong Netflix marathon.


2. Organize your notes, assignments, and other class materials.

     Taking a few minutes to gather and organize all of your class materials will save you a lot of time and energy as your      study for exams. Knowing that everything is in one place, reminding yourself of previous assignments and exams, and      being aware of material covered early in the term, can make your study sessions more efficient and effective.


3. Make sleep a priority.

     When faced with a long to-do list of assignments, projects, and exams to study for, it can be easy to rob yourself of      sleep in exchange for extra work time. Sleep deprivation can have devastating effects on your ability to learn and      retain information, as well as rob you of motivation and energy. Be sure to plan ahead, and do your best to get a good      night's sleep.


4. Stop by your professor's office hours.

     Checking in with your professor during 10th week can be great for a lot of reasons. It gives you a chance to ask any      last minute questions, get clarification on topics you might be a little confused about, and get some feedback about      final projects that are coming due. If you have concerns about the exam, your professor can usually provide some      helpful advice on how best to prepare.


5. Plan an "End of Exams" celebration.

     Maybe you want to go out to dinner with friends or play video games all day. Maybe your idea of celebrating is taking      a 4 hour nap followed by two seasons of How I Met Your Mother. Keep motivated by reminding yourself of your      planned celebration and most importantly, follow through! Finishing a term is an accomplishment and deserves some      a fun reward.



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