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Explore Graduate Degrees at MSOE

MSOE’s graduate programs are designed to enhance your profession with practical, application-oriented learning. We offer a variety of graduate programs, find out which one is right for you.


Explore Master’s Certificates

Learn about the variety of Master’s Certificates MSOE offers and see how a certificate can take your graduate degree to the next level.


Professional Education Courses

MSOE supports business and industry through custom education and training programs, and a variety of consulting services. Find out for yourself the value of a CPN membership.


Undergraduate Degree Programs

MSOE offers evening and part-time bachelor degree options in Engineering (BSE) and Electrical Engineering (AAS-EET Transfer Plan). Learn more to find the degree that fits your future.

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MSOE Hub is the place to be – it’s where everything happens! You can ask questions and get answers, you can join the conversation and meet other adult learners and graduate students.


Benefits of joining the Hub for Adult Learners

  • Talk to other adult learners & professors
  • Ask current graduate students about their experience at MSOE
  • Participate in discussions and ask questions

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Freshman Residence Hall Move-in (Last name A-M)


Residence Halls: RWJ & MLH


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