• Is IT open tomorrow?

    Is IT open tomorrow?
    Elizabeth Hartung
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  • Need to borrow/buy used phone with unlocked SIM asap

    Friend broke his Tmobile smartphone and needs a used phone he can borrow asap for a few days until it is fixed/replaced. Possibly willing to buy for good price. Anything that takes tmobile or is unlocked.  Anyt...
    Jeff Hanson
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  • Volunteer with Project: Community Computers!

    Volunteer!  We've got some awesome internship and volunteering opportunities waiting for youWe've posted a bunch of opportunities on our website and we're reaching out to everyone we can to help get more people o...
    Kiefer Stenseng
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  • Do you need a dresser?

    I have a dresser/mirror I am looking to re-home. 6 drawers, very sturdy.  FREE to whoever can come pick it up.  It's in good shape but probably needs to be repainted and needs two knobs for the top drawers. ...
    Amy Rowe
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  • Need E-mail Integration Help for Samsung Galaxy S3

    I am trying to configure a Samsung Galaxy S3 to integrate it with my alumni e-mail address, but I am having trouble setting it up.  I was able to successfully integrate my e-mail with my iPhone 4S, but I need hel...
    Aaron Fernando
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  • Job in Admissions?

    I am a freshman nursing student here at MSOE and I know I am going to need a job on campus next school year. I do qualify for Work-Study and I was wondering how someone could come to have a job in admissions. I think ...
    Hali Peterson
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  • Take charge of your health

    Attend MSOE's annual Health and Wellness Fair on May 1. Health and Wellness Fair: Take charge of your health
    JoEllen Burdue
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  • YMG Brewers Tailgating Party

    Hey guys do not forget to sign up for the YMG Brewers tailgating party that is happening next Friday April 25th at 4pm.  The tailgating costs $20 and includes your food and drink at the tailgating party and a tic...
    David Burt
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  • Floor Hockey Playoffs this Wednesday (4/16) from 8-10

    Playoffs will be this Wednesday (April 16) from 8 pm to 10 pm. The semifinal round will start at 8. We will be playing 10th Floor Cribs. Winners of the two semifinal games will advance on to the Championship at 9. Let...
    Finn Finucane
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  • Looking For A Roommate

    My name is Jacob Anderson and I will be a freshman this fall studying mechanical engineering. I am looking for a roommate that is well organized, likes sports and other outdoor activities. I would like my roommate to ...
    Jacob Anderson
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  • Award Letters

    I have not gotten an award letter from the financial aid office yet. When will those be sent out?
    Kassidy Girmscheid
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  • Is there anyway to change the email for your hub?

    Right now it is my Dads email but I want it to be mine
    Nicholas Jarolimek
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  • Double Major vs. Biomedical Engineering

    In dicussing potential paths for her future, my student is wondering what the difference between career paths and future employment might be if you double majored in Bioengineering and medical vs. MSOE's Biomedical pr...
    Mandy Runnalls
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  • ACT & SAT deadline

    My son is a junior in high school and interested in MSOE.  My question is regarding the September 1 deadline for submitting ACT and SAT scores.      For him, the September 1 deadline is r...
    Julie Stine
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  • Dance team

    Is there still a dance team at MSOE?
    Payton Rood
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  • Technology Package for 5th years

    Hey y'all,   I'm going to be a fifth year senior next year (AE/CM program). I got an email recently about renewing the technology package. I've heard rumors about next year's laptops and they sound a lot cooler...
    Donnie Bogle
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  • IEEE meeting on campus Thursday, April 10? Where is it being held?

    Student asked about a meeting that is supposed to be in the library at 5:30pm. We have no booking for this.
    Pam Gorzalski
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  • Solid Wooden Executive Desk For Sale

    Solid wood home office desk. Manufactured by Karpen Furniture. No idea if it's an antique.   Eight slide-out drawers on tracks; all still in excellent condition. Drawers are 5.5-6" deep and 20" long.   I...
    Allison Zimont
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  • 2014 Fall Freshman

    Hello! My name is Brett and I am an incoming freshman. I would love to be a part of the orchestra next year if possible. I have played viola since 4th grade and have always loved playing in my school orchestras. I wou...
    Brett Samuelson
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  • Heartbleed Password Change

    I Just read about the heart bleed bug in SSL security and decided to change my password on here just in case. But when I went to do it I couldn't find the option anywhere on the website. But I did read in the help sec...
    Brody Brown
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