• Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

    The MSOE Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) is responsible for generating, collecting, and analyzing data to be used for data-driven decision making and institutional improvement. The OIRA is also ...
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  • Probation FAQ

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  • Exhibitions

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  • Exciting changes coming to Career Net!  New platform

    We are excited to announce that Career Net will be changing platforms this summer. We are switching vendors from Experience to a company called Handshake, and we think you will be quite pleased with the new system.&nb...
    Erik Oswald
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  • Commencement

    One of the biggest moments of your life comes at the end of years of hard work: Commencement. There’s nothing better than hearing your name as you cross the stage, shake Dr. Viets’ hand, and accept your di...
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  • Center for Writing Summer Assistance

    Writing assistance is available this summer for all students in the Center for Writing located in the German English Academy (GEA) in Suite G13 on the ground floor. We can help with: essays lab reports thesis pape...
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  • Who We Are

    [inner_row] [column_span4-5] About Us Learn more about the students, faculty and leadership who make MSOE a great place. MSOE Leadership and Board of Regents MSOE is under the leadership of President Hermann Viets, Ph...
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  • About MSOE

    [inner_row class="shadow"] [column_span7] [end_span] [column_span5] Why Choose MSOE? Students get real-world experience in top-ranked programs, from expert faculty. At graduation, you'll be prepared to enter some ...
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  • International Student:  where to get academic help?

    Welcome to Summer Session from RCAS (Raider Center for Academic Success)   There are lots of professional academic services available to all international students through the Raider Center for Academic Success....
    Josiebel Sambolin
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  • Welcome to Summer Session from RCAS (Raider Center for Academic Success)

    Welcome to Summer Session from RCAS (Raider Center for Academic Success)   Raider Center for Academic Success is open during the summer daily 8am – 4:30pm.  As a reminder the following services are av...
    Betty Albrecht
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  • Milwaukee Repertory Theater Job Posting

    Position:         Part Time Department:    Engineering Reports to:      Chief Engineer Requirements: Basic mechanical skills, basic c...
    Cathlyn Ferraro
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  • Password issue - Germany

    Hello! I am currently living in Lübeck, Germany, through the school's exchange program, and am having trouble changing my password. It will expire in two days, and I have been trying to change it through pwd.ms...
  • Student Survey Results 2013-14

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  • Academic Advisors

    Registrar's Office
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  • Create a powerful LinkedIn profile so employers find YOU

    We hear stories all the time about recruiters finding people on LinkedIn.  It even happened for me, personally.  Here's an article that provides detailed examples and screenshots of how YOU can update your p...
    Erik Oswald
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  • Are there any other scholarships/grants available?

    I am looking for places to apply to receive aid for the final expense for MSOE, or I will not be able to attend. Any ideas? Thank you greatly!
    Tarif Garrett
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  • CE Double Major

    I recently applied to the Computer Engineering program and I was wondering if I could double major in Computer & Software Engineering or double major in Computer & Electrical Engineering?   Matt Anderson
    Matthew Anderson
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  • List of 200+ Biotechnology Companies in California

    BioMolecular Engineers seeking employment will want to check this list out. Over 200+ companies with phone numbers and URLs. Apply today
    Arsalon Amini-Hajibashi
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  • New class of MBA Fellows in Education Leadership unveiled

    Wisconsin, Woodrow Wilson Foundation continue groundbreaking effort to prepare next generation of school leaders for state as Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellows in Education Leadership begin classes this summer at MSOE Wis...
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  • Graduate Assistantship Approval Form

    This form must be completed by the student and the project advisor and approved by the student's Graduate Program Director and the Dean of Applied Research.
    Mary Nielsen
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