2 tickets for sale section 433 for friday september 23 7pm...$75 each
    Cody Ganchar
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  • ME 323 , ME 230, MG 645

    ME-323 - Manufacturing Processes For Eng. Materials = Like New = $120 ($80 savings) ME-230 - System Dynamics = Like New = $120 ($60 savings) MG -645 - Operations MGMT. = Lightly Used = $120 ($90 savings)   For...
    Matthew Moseman
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  • Selling used books

    Hi,        I am looking to sell my used books from last year. These include Calculus 10th edition, Physic volumes 1,2,&3, and the Chemistry book Atom's First. The calculus book is in a bi...
    Timothy Sennett Jr.
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  • Books for Sale!

    Hiya! I've got a bunch of books I'd like to sell to anyone who would like them: Differential Equations - asking $100 OBO (http://www.amazon.com/Differential-Equations-Boundary-Value-Textbooks-Available/dp/1111827060...
    Lyzzi Brooks
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  • Chemistry: Atoms First (1st Edition Book) - $25

    I bought this book one year ago for $220. When I tried to sell it at the end of the past school year the student store employee made sure to tell me that a "new" edition of the book was being released, and they refuse...
    Daniel Skinner
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  • Like New and Used Books for Sale

    All books have very little wear from my ownership of them.  Incoming freshman will want to take special interest in these books for sale.   $25 - The Art of Being Human [HU 100] $40 - Humanities Reader (co...
    Brett Peavler
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    Hey y'all,   I'm getting rid of a lot of books. I just want to get rid of them... So if you can't swing the price listed, let me know a (reasonable) price that you can swing and hopefully we can work something o...
    Donnie Bogle
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  • FS-BOOK: Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences

    Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences, Fourth Edition. Was only used for ~10 Weeks.Like new condition. I used it for ME-354 but it may be used in other classes.   Here is the amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/...
    John Krenzer
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