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Switching Majors?

Kevin Etta
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I had just recently been accepted into MSOE for fall of 2014.  I was wondering how difficult switching similar majors would be at MSOE.  I know for a fact that I want to be in Electrical, Computer, or Software Engineering, but I am not 100% set on one.  Would transition from one to the next affect my acceptance or scholarships? And does switching after the year starts set you back a lot?

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    Mandy Runnalls

    Hey Kevin!

    My name is Mandy, I am your admission counselor here! Admission into all of those programs have the same requirements so 1) congrats on your acceptance! and 2) let me know if you want to change your major--I will be able to help you with that!


    For sure, Software and Computer Engineering have the same first quarter so you do still have some time to decide!


    Let me know what you are thinking

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    Nancy Tanaka

    Go with Computer Engineering! (At least that's my opinion.) You take BOTH EE and SE courses the first few years, so it's easier to switch to either major because you'll have taken some of the prerequisites of both already. Trust me, I've seen people switch to both EE and SE from CE. It's harder to switch from SE to EE and vice versa because their classes don't overlap. AND, if you like more than one major, go for the 5 year double-major program.

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    Elizabeth Donohew

    I know you've been here a year already, but if you haven't switched and are still considering, it's not a bad thing.


    For anyone thinking of switching majors, I switched end of my Freshman year from Architectural Engineering (AE) to Software Engineering (SE). A HUGE jump. It did add a year, but it's been completely worth it.

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    Aaron Fernando

    I am an alumni of MSOE, graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor's in Management Information Systems.  Currently, I am planning on making a major career change to return to software development by pursuing a second degree in Software Engineering.  I am looking for advice on returning to MSOE so I can make a major career shift early on my career.