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Why are you considering MSOE?

Dana Grennier

We always love to hear the story of why students are considering MSOE for college.  What's your story?

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    Mark Anderson

    This is going to sound odd, but my three top reasons for coming to MSOE:

    1. My brother was already studying here, so I had visited many times

    2. I wanted to run on the cross country team

    3. I knew that I only needed to take three English courses in 4 years!  Everything else would be math and science!

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    Grace DeLuca

    I am considering MSOE because it is one of 2 colleges I have found that will accept my Associates Degree and transfer all my credits. MSOE is highly talked about at Gateway Technical College, where I currently not only attend as a student but also work as a student casual.

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    I love the small campus size combined with the big, beautiful city of Milwaukee. Feel like MSOE will be a great option for me, because the academics are challenging, yet worthwhile, the student body is diverse and friendly, and best of all, MSOE is the type of school I will thrive.

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    Montrell Edwards

    MSOE is a highly considerable institution for me because, most importantly, it is an engineering school and I have very high aspirations to become an engineer. In addition to that, MSOE is a smaller campus where there won't be as many distractions then there would be at bigger schools and the primary focus would be studying.