• Webcard.msoe.edu for new students to submit a picture

    Welcome to MSOE:   Webcard.msoe.edu is now available for use on campus AND off campus.  New students may submit a picture for use on their MSOE IDs following the guidelines sent in the MSOE packet received ...
    Sheila Barber
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  • Getting ID Cards for Incoming Freshmen

    Incoming freshman: Make the process of getting your MSOE ID easier by submitting your picture online via our Get Funds service. Simply go to "https://get.cbord.com/msoe/full/login.php" and create an account using yo...
    Abby Johnson
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  • Contact List for non-Astra Rooms

    Contacts for rooms on campus (Conference, Tables, etc.) not reserved through Astra.
    Digital Marketing
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  • Problem with MSOE ID Card Registration

    When I tried registering for the ID card i kept getting a message at the top of the page saying "We were unable to access your campus card account from the information provided. Please try again or contact Support." I...
    Juan Casiano
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  • Are there student discounts for taking an Amtrak from Milwaukee?

    My online inquiry has a round trip from Milwaukee to Chicago Union Station at $48.  Might be nice to trim off some of that.
    Tracy Miller
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