• Global Project

    I am having problems connecting to the MSOE VPN through Global Project. All the information seems correct; my username, password, and portal. I apply the log in info. but it doesn't connect. Any suggestions?
  • Milwaukee's haunted houses

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for great haunted houses in the Milwaukee area? October's here and i'm in the mood.
  • Remember Me

    I find that I can work my way around the new site fairly easily. I have heard complaints from others though, i think mainly because of the different design. I do have to get used to how searching the site has changed,...
  • Blog problems

    I'm having problems starting a blog. Something about not being able to save.
  • New Laptops

    I got an e-mail telling me I'm due for a laptop trade in. The laptop that it says I'm being upgraded to is the same model that I already have. Is this a mistake?
  • Post Wisdom Teeth Food Ideas

    I just had my wisdom teeth removed. I need some ideas of what to eat for the next couple days. Also, i wouldn't mind some great foods to go crazy on when I'm finally healed.
  • Blogging

    I'm having problems trying to start a blog. I've got a title, filled out a body, and when i try to publish, there is an error saying it couldn't be saved possibly because i'm not logged in. I was logged in. I logged o...
  • Getting invloved

    I haven't done too much with music since I've been in college. I was wondering how i could get involved.