Amy Rowe posted 2 years ago
It is only Wednesday of week 1 and a student has already burst into my office, beat-boxed for 30 seconds, then without another word, turned around and left.  What else can I expect of this term?


  • Sarah Rowell

    Sarah Rowell 2 years ago

    Are you the host of MSOE's Got Talent or something? When do you want me to demonstrate my mad balloon animal skillz? ;)
  • Charles Tritt

    Charles Tritt 2 years ago

    I think "MSOE's Got Talent" is a great idea. We should ask Nick and Rick to work on it.
  • Amy Rowe 2 years ago

    Sarah Rowell - Can you please promise me that someday you will burst into my office, frantically build me a balloon giraffe, and then turn silently around and exit?  That would be awesome.  
  • Sarah Rowell

    Sarah Rowell 2 years ago

    That's it. I am officially on the lookout for those long balloons. ;)