Elle Meinholz
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Elle Meinholz and I on top of the new Tower Apartments balcony! SO COOL!
A little bit scary, but a lot of bit awesome being on top of the new Tower Apartments today with Mandy :)
Seandra Mitchell
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Good morning everyone! Happy Hump Day!

For those of you engineering students still on the hunt for scholarships I have 3 AWESOME opportunities for you!

MSOE Incoming Freshman Engineers ONLY: $12,500 Do...
MSOE Incoming Freshman Engineers ONLY: $8,600 - $...
MSOE Incoming Freshman Engineers ONLY: $5,000 Dan...

There is a lot of money in here! Don't miss out! The deadlines for these scholarships are coming up in Feb & Mar!
Incoming Freshman looking to obtain additional scholarships should check out the links posted above.  The Financial Aid and Admission Offices, HIGHLY encourage you to apply!!  Don't forget the deadline is February 27th for two of the three scholarships.  Good Luck!!
Seandra Mitchell
High School Juniors!! It's time to start thinking about your summer plans. Don't forget that this Friday is Junior Visit Day. Come and learn more about MSOE as well as our Summer Programs, and Youth Options. Just visit this link and register today: http://start.msoe.edu/junior-visit-day/inquiryform
Davinci Wallace
A busy week for MSOE athletics.  We have basketball games, volleyball games, wrestling matches, and hockey games. Good luck to all the athletes, who will be competing!
Cadence Lee
 So what on earth. . . do I do from this point? Do I just sit around until Im accepted?
Mandy Runnalls
I'm baaaaaack :) Had a great time on maternity leave with my little lady and now I'm ready to get back to business! But please don't mind me if i slip into my 'goo-goo' 'ga-ga's sometimes though!
Seandra Mitchell
Graduating High School Seniors! Did you know that 2015 can bring about EXCITING things, including becoming a member of the MSOE Family? Don't forget, NOW is the time to apply!  We have a fast approaching scholarship deadline of February 1, and we want you to receive as much free money as possible.  Just click on this link and apply today: https://www.msoe.edu/apply2msoe.jspa
Seandra Mitchell
Talk about OUTSTANDING ROI!!  Kudos to all of our MSOE Grads!
Allana Marie Nicolas
Wow, it's a new year. I'm going to graduate soon. Time is flying by so fast. I just need to get ready for the next semester.
Seandra Mitchell
High School Seniors!! Looking for something to do over break? Well don't forget, NOW is the time to apply for fall admission! We are still accepting applications. Don't forget to join the coolest family in town, the MSOE Family!  We look forward to reviewing your application soon!
Seandra Mitchell
Wondering if it's too late to apply for admission for fall 2015? Well it's not! Now is the time to apply! If you have just completed the December ACT, you can still apply online, submit your official high school transcripts and send us your ACT or SAT scores.  Apply at this link: https://www.msoe.edu/apply2msoe.jspa
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