Austin Rudolph posted 9 months ago
The original post has been deleted
I got my acceptance packet in the mail last night! I just want to say thank you to everyone at the admissions department and the financial aid department for admission and a generous scholarship offer. You guys rock! 


  • Julie Schuster 9 months ago

    Congratulations, Austin!  Well-deserved!!
  • Frederick Berry

    Frederick Berry 9 months ago

    I am very happy for you!
  • Rachael McFarlane

    Rachael McFarlane 9 months ago

    CONGRATULATIONS Austin!!! We are so happy for you :)
  • Steve Midthun

    Steve Midthun 9 months ago

    You're Welcome!  For additional scholarship information, you can follow the Financial Aid Office at Financial Aid Office .
  • Heather Cooper

    Heather Cooper 9 months ago

    Congratulations Austin!!  Welcome to the MSOE Family.
  • Brianna Sutherland

    Brianna Sutherland 9 months ago

    Congrats Austin! :)
  • Kip Kussman

    Kip Kussman 9 months ago

    YESSS!  Congrats, Austin.  Hope we'll be seeing you on campus next year. 
  • Mandy Runnalls

    Mandy Runnalls 9 months ago

    Fantastic Austin! Glad you received it! Make sure to join the Accepted Student Group-Fall 2014 and start to get to know other future classmates! Congrats again! :)