Joshua Walling
Transfer Student Orientation, ANG Drill Weekend, AND Move in date for my apartment are all on September 12th.... woes
Megan Waelti
Reason 578 that MSOE is the best place to be...we have the BEST student ambassadors!  HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to all of you and your dedication in helping show families how great and fun of a place MSOE is and sharing all of your experiences with them!  You ROCK!  
Sarah Rowell
Are you ever curious about MSOE's history such as: 

-Was our football team really undefeated?
-What courses were offered in the 1950's?
-When was the Mechanical Engineering major introduced?
-Which campus group has won the St.Patrick's competition the most?

If so, you should definitely talk to MSOE's Archivist, Denise Gergetz. She's great and she will help you answer your burning questions about our fair institution. 

David Giffen
Hi I am Dave and I will be starting this Fall in the MIS 2+2 program. I have been playing tabletop RPGs for over 30 years. I am also a anime Otaku currently watching K-ON!. I also play MTG but have…
Tammy Koenig
Hi Everyone,   I'm new to MSOE and thought I would introduce myself.  My name is Tammy Koenig and I'm the new Payroll Coordinator in the Finance Dept.  I have an open door policy so if you ever have…
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Adele Becker
Hi, super excited to attend MSOE this fall!! 
Seandra Mitchell
It was great meeting Jennifer Abing, our new Assistant Director of Career Services.  Welcome to MSOE, I look forward to working with you in the future!
Nick Seidler
Thank you to the members of the MSOE Disc Golf Club (and Facilities and Grounds Keeping)  for their efforts in putting two practice baskets on the MSOE Athletic Field (on the Northeast corner of…
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Nick Seidler
Hoping that our new graduates are doing great and our current students have a great summer!
Lynn Grant
My son is starting there this Fall - I am scheduling my work vacation for time that is needed throughout the year.  What dates do the students begin to move in and when are classes expected to begin…
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Allison Heine de Romero
Stop by the Alumni Partnership Center today between 12:30 and 2:00 to see the Advanced level ESL students and their final poster presentations!   Josiebel Sambolin  Daniel Phillips  Katherine Vernezze  Kayla Maule  Mark Anderson  Liang Shen  Charlene Yauch  Christopher Damm  Jane Paige  Tim Valley  Nick Seidler  Mark Fischer  Charles Cline IV  Kip Kussman
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