David Howell
My wife and kids took me out to Father's Day Brunch at The Smoke Shack. While waiting for our meal, we found a flyer on blues names. It turns out that my blues name is Old Bones Rivers. What's yours?
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Elizabeth Donohew
What festivals are you looking forward to and why? Personally, I can't wait for Bastille Days because of the Beignets, and Summerfest because of the music.
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Kasey Mylin
Looking forward to some roommate bonding tonight after work! Art Museum and Jazz in the Park on the agenda for the evening and the best part is it all free!! :) 
Kasey Mylin
Second day of work was a blast. My team's gonna win the scavenger hunt!! :)
Kasey Mylin
Hey everyone!! Sorry I've been slacking on uploading the meeting minutes on here.  If you want to see any of the previous meetings minutes let me know and i can post them.
Manuela Garcia
 Is anyone else pursuing biomedical engineering?