Nimrod Allen
In your lifetime what do you want to accomplish?
willie lewis
TGIF PEOPLE!! Its beautiful out. 63 & Sunny. 4pm cant get here fast enough. Have a great weekend everyone!!
Drew Brawner
I tried following the document to set up my email on the native email app at the beginning of the year and had no luck.  I resorted to using the pre-release outlook web app for android.  Now the app…
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Paul Fabian
I know a number of you are heavy into LoL (I can tell by the massive network traffic) and MOBAs in general. If you're interested in trying out Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm, they sent me some beta keys - I don't have enough time to play the games I own, much less a beta. Message me for a key.
Paul Fabian
My attempt to cut down on energy drinks lasted ALMOST a morning. Next milestone: 8 hours!
Paul Fabian
On Friday, March 13th, we changed the SSL certificates for MSOE-Wireless. The old certificates expired later that weekend. This caused some problems with authentication and would not allow…
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Paul Fabian
We've updated the certificates on the wireless authentication servers. If you are asked about a new certificate when connecting to MSOE-Wireless, please chose 'Accept'.
Hailey Butler
I'm filling out a lot of scholarships, and a majority of them as for my student ID number. Would this be something I leave blank, or would I have to obtain it from someone?
in Bridge
Paul Fabian
If you are already a DropBox user, but still love free space, OneDrive is giving away 100 Gb free storage to ween you over to their service. Free storage is free storage.
Paul Fabian
I'm seeing a large number of connections to MSOE-Guest wireless. For a better wireless experience, please remember to sign into the wireless to avoid the limitations of guest access.
Paul Fabian
Celebrate Safer Internet Day with an extra 2Gb on your Google Drive. Extra space will be provisioned on Feb 28th. Edu accounts are not eligible, but you should check your account security anyhow.
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