• MSOE Veteran/ROTC/Military students ONLY: $1,500 Rick and Josh Kemp Memorial Scholarship - DUE August 31st, 2015

    The deadline has been extended to August 31st, all other information remains the same!   To apply, please submit the Scholarship Report Form to the Financial Aid Office by the deadline of August 24th.
    Amanda Wysk
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  • Password issue - Germany

    Hello! I am currently living in Lübeck, Germany, through the school's exchange program, and am having trouble changing my password. It will expire in two days, and I have been trying to change it through pwd.ms...
  • Network node for the MLH repeater

    I have been talking with some of the higher ups in IT to try and get us a network node in the repeater cage on MLH 13. There was a positive response from IT staff and its looking like we may in fact get the hook up. I...
    cameron wilson
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  • Setting up MSOE Domain Email on Android 4.4?

    I tried following the document to set up my email on the native email app at the beginning of the year and had no luck.  I resorted to using the pre-release outlook web app for android.  Now the app is havin...
    Drew Brawner
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  • How do I install the Trend Micro OfficeScan client?

    There is a new client install URL. This is for new installs only. People who already have Trend installed will automatically upgrade from Officescan 8 to OfficeScan 10. New users should use the following URL for the ...
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  • MSOE-Wireless Outage Thursday, March 19th, 6:00 am - 6:15 am

    On Friday, March 13th, we changed the SSL certificates for MSOE-Wireless. The old certificates expired later that weekend. This caused some problems with authentication and would not allow authenticated users to conne...
    Paul Fabian
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  • Student without ID number

    I'm filling out a lot of scholarships, and a majority of them as for my student ID number. Would this be something I leave blank, or would I have to obtain it from someone?
    Hailey Butler
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  • Why Should I Use MSOE Wireless?

    Why Should I Use MSOE Wireless?   The SSID, or broadcast name for MSOE staff, students, and faculty is “MSOE”. This wireless network will allow you full access to the MSOE network, including Jenzabar...
    Paul Fabian
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  • Couch to 5K Day 1 Report

    Day 1Today is the day that it all begins. I'm starting out, as promised, on a couch. See figure 1, where you can clearly see I am sitting on a couch. Figure 1: Me, clearly sitting on a couch. I was unsure what to ...
    Lars Woehlck
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  • Couch to 5K Day 1

    Hi all, and welcome to my new blog.   I'm going to carefully document my experience from couch to 5K and I'm glad you're planning to follow along with me! Please follow me and like me and all that great stuff so...
    Lars Woehlck
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  • How would you see jaywalkers punished?

    I've was sorely disappointed to hear that a few jaywalkers received tickets from MPD the other day in the ball park of a measly $70. How can we expect this kind of vile behavior to be stemmed by such lackluster punish...
    Andrew Moore
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  • Network Security - Email SPAM and Phishing

    Dear MSOE Students, Faculty, and Staff,   As you may know, we recently migrated to Microsoft's email solution, Office365, for MSOE email and webmail. This service is hosted by Microsoft and has robust features. E...
    Paul Fabian
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  • Love My Summer Programs T-Shirt

    Though I'm so late, kudos to the Pre-College Team, and the Summer Program Assistants, for such a GREAT t-shirt.  I really love the design of this year's shirt!! Don't be surprised if you see me wearing mine tomor...
    Seandra Mitchell
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  • Upgrade Jenzabar Client Instructions 4.6.5 and 4.6.52

    Instructions to update to Jenzabar 4.6.5 and 4.6.52
    Paul Fabian
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  • Full Network Outage

    7/9/14 9:00 PM
    There will be a Full Network Outage on Wednesday, July 9th beginning at 9:30 PM. It is expected to last until midnight. This outage will allow us to create redundancies for the internet and network cores, allowing the...
    Paul Fabian
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    Full Network Outage

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  • How do I install and use the SSL VPN software?

    The new SSLVPN client, GlobalProtect, is now available for use. There are three methods for acquiring the new client software: Connecting through the currently installed Netconnect will ask you to install the new G...
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  • How to connect your devices in CC-36 Offices

    The offices numbered 36A through 36E in the CC building do not have power-over-ethernet to the network jacks in the rooms. To accommodate the new Cisco phones, we have provided POE injectors that plug into a nearby ou...
    Paul Fabian
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  • Hub Update: Search enhancements

    Probably the largest concern from all of the msoe.edu and Hub users has been the search functionality.  We have spent a lot of time getting feedback from students, faculty, staff, alumni and other users to find o...
    Kip Kussman
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  • IT Update: Migrating Outlook from temporary to permanent mailbox

    The IT department has finished the migration process to the new mailbox servers and has made all of the new mailboxes permanent. Now that the server process is complete, each user can proceed to transition Outlook to ...
    Dana Grennier
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  • Network Outage: January 12th

    Sunday Jan 12th 7:30 - 10:07   A car accident near campus caused a power outage to several campus buildings. The outage lasted from 7:30 to 10:07. Power has been restored, and all systems should be operating no...
    Paul Fabian
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