Robert Nagel posted 2 years ago
What kind of calculator is needed for freshman?


  • David Walsh

    David Walsh 2 years ago

    Hey Robert, good question!  I'm @mentioning the Student Hub space to see if any other freshman can chime in and help you out! #calculator
  • David Walsh

    David Walsh 2 years ago

    For future reference, you can create a Discussion in the appropriate Hub to reach a more targeted audience - in this instance, the Student Hub.  There is a "Start a Discussion" link in the Student Hub: You can post your question and watch the magic happen as other student collaborate with you! 
  • Nancy Tanaka

    Nancy Tanaka 2 years ago

    Some math professors don't let you use calculators on exams/quizzes/etc. The physics/chemistry professors usually do, however. Most students have a calculator that can at least do graphing/matrices just in case.
  • Cat Trice

    Cat Trice 2 years ago

    You won't need a calculator for any Calc classes (and you probably shouldn't even use them outside of class no matter how tempted you are.)  If you have the money/can find a cheap one I'd go for the TI-89.  (Just because they make some classes easier and you may want to get used to it for a bit.) But a TI-84 (or any similar graphing calculator) will be just fine.  At some point, you may need a simple non-graphing calculator. But you can find those for ~$10 in the bookstore and cheaper other places, so don't worry about those. 
  • Matthew Peterson

    Matthew Peterson 2 years ago

    A majority of classes only allow calculators up to a TI-36, especially architectural engineering classes.  That is the highest level calculator allowed for use on the FE Exam, so that is where the standard comes from.