MSOE’s World Bike Team has one goal – to create a bicycle that can carry a person and their possessions. People in developing countries have few ways to easily transport food, water, or staple goods due to the lack of cars and paved roads. A cheap, durable bike that can carry goods would be invaluable to thousands of people across the globe in developing countries.

The team spans generations—the first group of students completed Phase I last year and handed off the project to this year’s senior class. These students were tasked with building a working prototype of a bicycle made from mostly bamboo, designed for use in remote countries where access to modern materials like steel would be sparse.

This year’s team took the research from last year’s team and made a large bicycle built for storage using materials very similar to bamboo. The team will hand off their prototype, all their research, and any remaining materials to the next team, who will complete a final prototype from bamboo. Keep an eye out for the finished product at the 2016 Senior Design Showcase.

Take a look at this year’s metal prototype with Mark Heiser:

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