The MSOE STEM office is offering MSOE community members the opportunity to log their volunteer hours in our central system. Whether you’re a student organization looking for easy tracking of volunteer hours or a community member looking to keep hours on hand for multiple years, this system is for you!

How to Submit Hours

  1. Pick up a volunteer card from the MSOE STEM office, MSOE Servant Leadership Board, or request an electronic copy from
  2. Fill out the card, and return to the MSOE STEM office (CC-02, Campus Center Ground Floor) or e-mail to

What Hours Are Eligible?

Any hours accrued from opportunities found on the Service Opportunities page are eligible for tracking. Hours earned through outside opportunities are eligible for tracking as well and will be verified through a site contact you provide on the volunteer card.

Any opportunity in which you are compensated monetarily for your services is not eligible.

How are Hours Verified?

If an opportunity was through the MSOE STEM office, hours are verified based on check-in at the event itself. For opportunities through other MSOE groups or outside organizations, MSOE STEM will contact the event organizer you provided contact information for to verify hours. If a site contact cannot verify your hours, they will not be entered into the system.

How Often Should Hours be Submitted?

It is recommended to submit hours within one week from the time you volunteered. While hours will be accepted outside of this, submitting within one week enables the highest likelihood of quick verification of hours.