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New Fare System-Milwaukee County Transit System

Cheryl Myers
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New Fare System-Milwaukee County Transit System 


MCTS is pleased to be able to convert to a new electronic fare system. This is a tremendously complicated project which we are committed to keep you informed throughout. We will provide extensive information and training when we are further into the project. Check back here monthly for regular updates.

New Fare System Implementation Progress

Featured Tip — In the future, smart cards will make taking the bus even easier. With the proper fare loaded on the card, you will just touch the card on the target at the top of the fare box briefly to allow the machine to read it. The system will validate your fare and you will be on your way! Remember, before the fare system is operational on buses, we will provide you plenty of instruction and notice.


Reminders — We hear from many riders who are excited about the system. To continue to help you during this fare upgrade, here are some reminders:


    We will give customers a lot of notice when these new cards will be available. The current estimated date is the first quarter of 2014.

    You will not lose out! We will let you know how to exchange any remaining paper tickets and passes when we switch fare forms.

    Cash will still be accepted with the new fare system.

    Discounted fares will still be available with the new system, including for children, seniors and persons with disabilities.

    Commuter Value Pass and U-PASS Programs will continue on the new system.

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